ESADE, EADA and ESCP Europe are positioned in the Financial Times ranking of MBA for recent graduates

The British magazine specialized in economics Financial Times has published its annual ranking of Bologna Masters in Management, which measures the best MBAs that can be pursued after obtaining the degree and without professional experience. In 2011, the ESADE business school is consolidated as one of the best in the world in this field, since its CEMS Master is placed in number 2 in the world.

ESADE is not the only business school well positioned in this classification. It is followed by the ESCP Europe Master, which can be taken at the Carlos III University of Madrid and other European schools. EADA has advanced 13 positions with its training program, ranking 37th worldwide.

When choosing an MBA and a business school, rankings have become a fundamental element. With the start of the course, many specialized journals publish their classifications and among them, highlights the newspaper Financial Times for its tradition, prestige and detailed analysis of the key aspects.

The elements that position an MBA in the classification vary, although they are usually related to the degree of internationalization of the business schools, the projection of their programs, the remuneration of their graduates, etc. This last aspect is one of the most important, since it is estimated that students can get to enter 100% more than what they received before taking the master, reaching 138% if one graduates in IESE, 128% if it does it in ESADE and 82% in EADA.

These data coincide with those published by the consultancy ICSA Grupo and La Salle Universities, which conclude that the salaries of the youngest vary by 59% among those with a postgraduate degree and those who only have the most basic training (28,966 euros gross per year and 18,265 respectively).